How To Start A Successful Blog 

A Simple Tutorial On How To Start A WordPress Blog On Bluehost And Make Money.

If you have been planning to start your own blog/website from scratch but just didn't have a clue where to begin, then you have came to the right place...

Last updated: July 2, 2020

Disclosure: This page contains affiliate links, meaning that we receive a commission if you decide to make a purchase through our links, but this comes at no cost to you. You will get great pricing, a free domain and other Bonuses through our link.

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Today, you will learn about easily starting a WordPress blog on your own using Bluehost (keep in mind that this tutorial can also be used to start a website). We have included discounted pricing that we personally negotiated with Bluehost so that all of you can start your blog for a cheaper price. You will also receive a free domain name through our link. Act quickly because we are not convinced that these low prices will last!


If you plan on starting a blog on Bluehost and you are interested in learning How To Start A Blog On WordPress, continue below. Remember, if you sign up for Bluehost, And you are confused for any reason (such as how to set it up, picking a plan, pricing, etc.), you can always send us an email and we will be happy to help you out.

How To Start A WordPress Blog On Bluehost

Watch the video below for a quick and easy walkthrough to show you how to sign up for your account.

1. Register your domain name.

You can click here to receive a FREE domain name, then continue to follow the easy steps below.

The very first thing you will need when starting a blog on Bluehost is to think about what you want your domain name to be. Thinking of a decent domain name for your blog can be the toughest thing about starting your own blog, and you should give serious thought into this.

In short, your domain should be...



Easy to remember

You can get your domain name directly through Bluehost and make the whole process very easy. If you do this, you get a FREE domain name for the first year as long as you buy 12 months or more worth of Bluehost web hosting. If you want an even better deal, the best value would be purchasing a 36-month plan, as your monthly rate is much lower over the long run. And you will be saving a good amount of money this way.

wp users3.PNG

The "basic" package is most likely all you will need.


2. Buy hosting for your blog.

Why Bluehost? Read this directly from WordPress

"Powering over 2 million websites, Bluehost offers the ultimate WordPress platform. Tuned for WordPress, we offer WordPress-centric dashboards and tools along with Free 1-click installation, a FREE domain name, email, FTP, and more. Easily scalable and backed by legendary 24/7 support by in-house WordPress experts."

Setting up a WordPress blog on Bluehost is easy. First, we will talk about the costs of blogging:

  • To receive the cheapest price to start a blog, then choosing the "Basic" plan is really all you need. It's only $3.95 per month through our link (upfront in full) if you sign up for 36 months, which is a great price compared to other hosting services. If you sign up for a 24-month plan, then the price is $4.95 per month. And if you sign up for the 12-month plan, then the price is $5.95 per month. $5.95 per month is still extremely affordable and it's also a great plan to choose (especially since you still get a free domain name!). If you are unsure about blogging, then we would highly recommend purchasing the 12-month plan for $5.95 per month as this is still a great price for one year of blogging. However, the best value is still purchasing a 36-month plan, as your monthly rate is much lower over the long run.

  • The Basic plan is all you need, for now, so skip the plus and business pro plan as they are more expensive. You can always switch to different plans if you want to (and just pay the difference), so there is no need to sign up for extra that you don't need.

  • The other item that you may want to pay for when it comes to blogging is Domain Privacy Protection, which is only $0.99 per month. This is so that your contact information stays protected.

  • other than the above, you do not need to purchase the other items that Bluehost sells, so uncheck any of the extras that are already listed.

  • Remember, if you sign up using my link, you will get 50% off web hosting and a FREE domain if you purchase 12 months or longer hosting plan.

When you are ready to create your blog, just follow the steps below to buy hosting for your blog.

  1. Click here for a special $3.95/Month Bluehost offer and then click the "Choose Plan".

wp users 3.PNG

  2.  Now, choose which pricing plan is best for you. usually, you don't need anything more than the basic plan.

  3. After selecting your plan, you will want to create a new domain or use one you already own.


Find a Domain Name Related to Your Niche

Type in your desired Domain name below and check to see if it's available!

If you still can't find a domain you like, try adding "the" and dashes (-) to find even more availability. 

Example: ""

 ​A domain name is on the top bar of your webpage. So"" is our domain name for this website. WordPress gives you a Free domain if you don't have one But we don't recommend using it because It contains WordPress in the URL. For Example, our domain would be which is not ideal.

You Can Get A FREE Domain Name from Bluehost Through Our Link 


It's very important to use a custom domain name as it allows your page to be more branded.

Don't have a domain name in mind or the domain you want? No worries! You can click the "Choose Later" button at the bottom to continue with the guide and select your perfect domain later!

  4. Now that you are done with your domain name enter your personal and payment information.

Then scroll down to the section with the package information.


FIRST - Select your account plan. This is where you select the LENGTH of your plan. As we said, we recommend the 36-month plan because it provides the best value for your money, but the 12-month plan is also great if you are unsure about blogging. 


  •  You can cancel risk-free. Bluehost offers a guarantee, and you can cancel your plan at any time during the first 30 days and get a full refund.

After selecting your package information, scroll down again to the section on the package extras.

Uncheck all boxes except privacy protection. It should look like this:

Finally, all you have to do is add in your credit card details, check the standard privacy policy and terms of service, and you are done!


Excellent! You now own your very own blog and hosting!!!

Not too challenging, right??

The next few steps will direct you to create your password before beginning with anything else. Make sure to create a strong secure password!

blh ad.png

3. Install WordPress on Bluehost.

okay, this is probably the step that all of you have been waiting for. If you want to start a WordPress blog on Bluehost then continue reading.

This part isn't hard at all. Bluehost makes it very easy to create a WordPress blog and it's FREE.

After your finished creating your password, Bluehost guides you through exactly what you need to do in order to start your blog. First, Bluehost will ask you to pick a theme. You can just pick a random one for now or find one that you actually like. You can change it later so it's not a big deal or just scroll to the bottom and skip this step. Remember, there are many free themes to choose from!

Click on "Start Building"

On the next page, you can choose "Business" or "personal" - it's up to you. Or, you can click the "I don't need help".

Congratulation! You are now done. You will have to work on the design and producing high-quality content, of course. Good luck!

Here are some general tips for how to navigate through WordPress:

  • You can add and create new posts by clicking on the "posts" on the left-hand side when you are logged into WordPress.

  • If you want to add an image to your blog, click on "Media" on the left-hand side.

  • you can go to "Appearance", then "Widgets" in order to add items to your sidebar, footer.

  • If you are looking for a way to send newsletters or emails to your readers, then I would recommend GetResponse (you can click here to receive your first month for free).

Make Money!

Most new bloggers mainly focus on trying to make money right out of the gate. We get it.

You’re ready to run a blogging business and you’ve just invested some money into that business. 

But it’s important to set up your foundation correctly and build your blog the right way first Once you do that the money will start to come.

How Much Do Bloggers Make?

Some make a lot, some make little, and some make none at all. It depends on a number of factors, your work ethic, whose plan you are following, your blog topic, and much more. But if you start the right way you will get results. Remember "Traffic is key The More People That See Your Blog The More Money You Will Make"

What Does a Blogger Do?

It depends on what stage you’re at in your blogging career, but the main job a blogger has relates to content creation. Most days though are pretty casual and involve working at home from my computer

How Much Money Can You Make Blogging?

It really depends as I said but there is a lot of bloggers that make a lot of money anywhere from $100,000+/month some bloggers even make more than $1,000,000/month.

How Long Does It Take to Make Money Blogging?

Depends on your work ethic. Some of our students make money from their blog within the first couple of weeks, some make money from the first months.


Here are more blogging-related posts that you should take a look at after you learn how to start a WordPress blog:


We hope you enjoyed this tutorial on how to start a WordPress Blog on Bluehost.

This post may contain affiliate links, please read our Disclosure for more info.

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